Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: Hockey Style!

Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: Hockey Style!

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Charlie Cipriano
Senior – #25 – Goalie
Blog #7

So the past two weeks have been pretty eventful for the Fairfield Lax team. Two weeks ago we had the game, well the game I still must admit I think about every day, versus Loyola. We had the now #1 team in the country on their heels with a 6-4 lead on with eight minutes left. You have to give it to them they battled back, and won by two.

As Roe mentioned in one of his interviews, we aren't getting much respect due to our Strength of Schedule rating, even while we’re 10-2. This game proved that we aren't just a good team, but a team that can compete with any team in the country regardless of what rating and rankings say. To put that game in the past all I'm going to say is I'm really hoping we get to see Loyola again this year.

Next up was Air Force and it was a huge win for the boys, clinching a spot in the ECAC tournament. Always nice to know we get a chance to play for our conference championship out in Denver in a few weeks, especially after coming so close to winning it last year.

Food for thought- I think they should start comping Fairfield in Denver for the amount of times we've been out there the past few years. Denver loves the Stags and the stags love #LaQuintas in Denver. Take is easy Niebler!

While out in Denver, I got to check out my first NLL game watching the Colorado Mammoth. But what's the deal with the goalies? Hockey style! A little much for me, but either way was a real cool experience.

So we got Denver coming up Saturday and it's a huge game. Been reading a few playoff scenarios and a lot of people have us as one of the last three teams out, while Denver's one of the last three in. Just adding a little more fuel to the fire!
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