Face-Off Factory Announces Summer Training Tour & Competition Schedule

Face-Off Factory Announces Summer Training Tour & Competition Schedule

Costa Mesa, CA -- June 24, 2014 — The Face-Off Factory has announced its SummerTraining Tour and competition schedule for players in grades 4 through 12. The Face-Off Factory features coaching from three division one face-off specialists, two of which finished top ten nationally in face-off win percentage, along with a detailed curriculum focused on all aspects of face-off play to allow our student to become complete and dynamic face-off athletes. All Face-Off Factory events will conclude with an intensive competition to expose our students to top notch competition as well as situational coaching on the fly. The top performers at each Face-Off Factory challenge nationwide will be awarded prizes in addition to having their names inserted into the attending College recruiters’ player/team packets of the designated events, regardless of if they attend or not.

The Face-off Factory’s approach to training is vastly different than anything that has previously been offered. The groups will run through multiple segments and stations focusing on the finer points of the face-off position. Players will be taught all of the essential elements of the face-off position, including the four main stances, moves, counters, the importance of flexibility, wing play, situational shooting, communication, and strategy. Also, the staff will discuss the pros and cons of everything they teach.

Face-Off Factory Summer Events:

June 27 MVP3 — Delaware at University of Delaware (4th — 12th grades)
June 30 Syracuse, NY (4th – 12th grades) "Faceoff 101"
July 1 Syracuse, NY (4th – 12th grades) "Faceoff 201"
July 8 Oradell, NJ — Bergen Catholic H.S. (4th — 12th grades)
July 11 Philly Invitational Showcase — Philadelphia, PA (4th — 12th grades)
July 14 Baltimore, MD — Loyola University (4th — 8th grades)
July 15 - 16 Champ Camp — Baltimore, MD —Towson University (8th — 12th grades —
July 18 Chicago, IL (4th — 12th grades)
July 25 Bend, OR (4th — 12th grades)
Aug 1 San Jose, CA (4th — 12th grades)

“The results of Faceoff Factory training has brought to our students has been extremely rewarding,” said Bryan Burkhart, founder of the Face-Off Factory. “Everyone involved with our events feels it is our responsibility to share what we have learned with the next generation of players. The only way lacrosse is going to maintain its current state of growth and become a viable sport is for us to share what we have learned with today’s young players.”

For additional information on the Face-Off Factory and to register online visit their website at http://face-offfactory.com/
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