Face-off Factory Announces 2014 Summer Tour

Face-off Factory Announces 2014 Summer Tour

Face-off Factory is proud to announce our 2014 summer tour. Face-off Factory, powered by Adrenaline, has partnered with the following tournaments: Palm Beach Blast, Father’s Day Wounded Warrior, MVP3, Philly Invitational Showcase, Champ Camp, and more. The summer tour will feature stops in Florida, Texas, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Illinois, California, and more to be announced soon.

The coaching staff features some of the top current division one faceoff specialists in the game. Two of our primary coaches finished top ten nationally in faceoff win percentage. Our curriculum tailors each camp to varying levels of player experience, ranging from very beginners all the way up to those extremely experienced players that are seriously pursuing facing off at the next level.

What sets Face-off Factory apart from others is the broad range of knowledge and perspectives our coaching staff teaches and instills in our students. Our coaches touch on the entire spectrum of facing off, including all the different stances, moves, counters, post draw play, wing play, shooting, defense, communication, flexibility, and strength training involved. Giving our athletes the tools to be the most complete faceoff players is the core of Face-off Factory’s philosophy. By striving to be a complete faceoff athlete, players will become dynamic and be able to adapt to changing in-game situations. This is the key to being successful at the faceoff X no matter the circumstances.

To see if Face-off Factory camps are in your area please check our website at  http://face-offfactory.com/. For more information please email us at info@face-offFactory.com or call us at (949) 467-1539.
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