Face-Off Factory and Fogolax Academy Join Forces for Three Day Overnight Camp

Face-Off Factory and Fogolax Academy Join Forces for Three Day Overnight Camp


Costa Mesa, CA – June 16, 2015 — Down, Set, Whistle! The Face-Off Factory and Fogolax Academy founder Matt Schomburg are joining forces this summer for a three day National Over Night Camp on July 13th through the 15th at Towson University prior to Champ Camp. This event will be limited to a specific number of players. Click here to register: http://face-offfactory.com/event-registration-form/?ID=35

"This is going to be one of the biggest faceoff only events ever held," Bryan Burkhart, founder of the Face-Off Factory. "We are exhilarated to partner with Matt. His ability and experience combined with his knowledge and specialization will be the perfect complement to our current instructors Joe Nardella and Blake Burkhart."

This is the only overnight event the Face-Off Factory will be holding this summer. Players will be receiving rigorous daily training and detailed instruction from both the Face-Off Factory and Fogolax Academy coaching staffs. The overnight format of the camp will give the coaches the time they need to correct and improve a player's mind set and technique surrounding the face-off position.

"Fogolax is extremely excited to partner with Faceoff Factory," said Fogolax Academy Founder Matt Schomburg. "We have specific training regiments that compliment and foster the development of the complete faceoff athlete.
The Faceoff Factory's athletes have a proven record of success both on and off the field. Their methodologies and ideals are congruent with ours. This event should be mandatory for any serious faceoff athlete."

The three day intensive overnight camp will include, film, chalk talk, multiple outside sessions and a head-to-head competition. However, the most valuable tool will be the player's accessibility to the coaching staff. Face-off Factory's signature competition will also take place on the final day of camp. Players will be placed in brackets based on their ages to declare our Face-off Factory National Overnight Champion winners. Top performers will be awarded prizes and be listed in college recruiter’s binders at Champ Camp.

Players will be filmed and evaluated throughout the day. The players will work together, in small groups based upon age, skill, and request, through stations to ensure the right level of instruction and supervision. The training days will focus on building the complete face-off midfielder, including techniques, strategy, shooting, fast breaks, early offense, defense, and substitutions.

Keep an eye on our Website over the summer, we will be holding regional group training sessions. If you have any questions, please e-mail or contact the Face-Off Factory at (315) 727-6914.

Email: info@face-offfactory.com
Website: face-offfactory.com
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About the Face-Off Factory:
Founded in 2011, the Face-Off Factory has consulted with some of the top face-off coaches and players in the country. Our goal then and now was to develop a top notch face-off training program. We have used small group and private training sessions to test our methods with players of all levels and abilities. This has allowed us to develop the most comprehensive face-off training program in lacrosse. Our willingness to teach players every aspect of the position is what separates the Face-Off Factory from other programs. Our goal is to not only create a dominant draw man, but a quarterback in the middle of the "X". By combining intense instruction and drilling with high level competition, we have an incredible program for players to learn and grow. The competition has generated awesome recruiting exposure and resulted in players being recruited to play at the next level.
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