Exclusive Interview With  KegSkin CEO and Hopkins Midfielder, Max Chautin

Exclusive Interview With KegSkin CEO and Hopkins Midfielder, Max Chautin

Max Chautin is a former Hopkins midfielder and currently holds the position of CEO for KegSkins. We were fortunate to have the pleasure of chatting with him about his new venture. Max delves into how he conceptualized the product, his lacrosse background and his current tour with Brobible. Below is the interview.

What is a KegSkin and what made you think this will work?
A KegSkin is a wrap composed of several insulating barriers that is designed to keep a keg cold for the duration of ones gathering without the need for ice or an oversized bucket. No longer do keg drinkers need to deal with the hassles of bagged ice, messy clean ups, and wasted money. Advertising space has yet to be utilized on kegs, now any company, beer distributor or club can advertise on the centerpiece of most social events.

The idea was very simple, to create an insulating barrier that utilized the advertising space on kegs.

How much research went into the design and production of this product?
The research process took a very long time. Finding the most effective and cost efficient blend of insulating barriers was a tiring experience but proved to be gratifying and fulfilling once we pinpointed the correct materials. We have tested this product with some of the most irresponsible human beings on earth, under the most intense climate conditions. WE assure the consumer that the KegSkin will certainly stand the test of time.

What is your education/business background?
This is my first venture, I graduated from John's Hopkins with a degree in Political Science. Ive always had an entrepreneurial itch and once I graduated I decided that now was the time to take a chance. It has proven to be a great learning experience, every day there is something new to tackle and experience and I have only just begun.

Why should people buy KegSkins?
People should buy a KegSkin for a number of reasons.
- Its affordable. It pays for itself after only a few uses. Every time some one buys a keg they have to buy bagged ice which can cost upwards of 15 dollars this is excluding a trashcan/ oversized tub which can be even more costly.

- Its easy to use- The KegSkin stretches to fit any half sized keg shapes and zips on effortlessly to apply a tight seal which will keep your beer cold for 5 plus hours.

- It works! This product will keep your beer cold. No ice needed.

Has playing lacrosse helped at all in narrowing your Target Market?
Lacrosse gave me the opportunity to receive a degree for one of the best institutions in the world while also competing at the sports highest level. It has taught me to be resilient and gave me self disciplines I other wise would not have had which has shown to be very important when owning your own business

Where can our readers purchase your product?
You can purchase a KegSkin at www.keg-skins.com and for custom orders please see our custom orders form, we will work with you to create something unique, prices vary. You can also follow me on Twitter @Kegskins and Facebook.

For those who want to try the KegSkin in person Max will be on a Brobible">Nationwide Brobible Tour this Fall. View the schedule below:

Wednesday, September 28th – Promotional Event -UPenn
Thursday, September 29th - Promotional Event- UVA
Saturday, October 1st – Clemson @ Virginia Tech – (Potentialspots = Tots or Awful Arthurs)
Thursday, October 6th – Promotional Event – University ofKentucky – (Potential spots = Two Keys, Tin Roof and Redmans)
Saturday, October 8th - Football Tailgate – Georgia @Tennessee
Thursday, October 13th - Promotional Event – Vanderbilt
Saturday, October 15th - Football Tailgate - Alabama @ Ole Miss
Thursday, October 20th - Promotional Event - University ofAlabama
Friday, October 21st - Promotional Event - Tulane
Saturday, October 22nd - Football Tailgate - Auburn @ LSU
Tuesday, October 25th – stop in Rollins (No Event)
Wednesday, October 26th – Promotional Event-University of Miami
Thursday, October 27th - Football Tailgate - Virginia @Miami
Friday, October 28th - Promotional Event - Promotional Event - U Tampa
Saturday, October 29th - Football Tailgate - Georgia @ Florida (Jacksonville,Florida)
November 1st - Promotional Event - College of Charleston
November 3rd - Promotional Event - Loyola University
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