Evoshield: Game Changing Protective Apparel

Evoshield: Game Changing Protective Apparel

Evoshield received a lot of attention from other vendors at the US Lacrosse Convention such as Longstreth and Cascade to name a few. Growing as a need-based company Evoshield is only two years old in the lacrosse community. They got their first break when they started supplying Duke with slash guards for the wrist. Evoshield is unique because it doesn't absorb shock like foam. Instead impact is distributed over the entire area.

Founded by former athletes, Evoshield, moves beyond traditional foam and plastics to create a new kind of protective gear - truly comfortable protective gear that would make athletes faster and stronger while protecting them better. EvoShield is committed to providing today’s athletes, both professional and amateur, with game-changing protective gear - so you don’t have to sacrifice your performance or your protection.

The process is pretty hi-tech. After unsealing the package, wetting the mold, and letting it dry/solidify on your wrist (or rips, chest, etc.), slip into special pocket of compression clothes (shirt for ribs/chest, sleeves for wrist, etc.) for extra protection. For more information visit Evoshield.com.

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