Eurosport 2: Motion Design For NLL Season

A motion design that illustrates the return of a new season for the National Lacrosse League on Europsort 2. Eurosport 2 considers itself "the new generation sports channel", dedicated to team sports, alternative sports, discovery and entertainment including basketball,Cricket, National Lacrosse League, Australian Football League, surfing, Handball Champions League and more.

LACROSSE from Guillaume Fizet on Vimeo.

Eurosport 2 is currently available in 36 million homes and 46 countries, broadcasting in 13 different languages English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish and Danish.

Video from past season:

LACROSSE from Guillaume Fizet on Vimeo.

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I don’t understand why they have a TV spot for the NLL this year. If you check the ES2 tv schedule, there are no lacrosse games scheduled for the next 3 weeks, and my inside man tells me that there probably won’t be any this season. Last year’s season was already patchy, only one in four scheduled games were transmitted. This year, even though the season has already started the NLL and ES2 haven’t come to an agreement yet.

Nice spots though :)



When we see the first lacrosse game on Eurosport2 on this year?


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