Essential Components To Integrate Into Your Daily Workout

Lacrosse players should be keenly in tune and highly structured in their off-season workout as well. Certain essential components to integrate into your daily workout include:

• Muscular Strength to Decrease Injury Potential and Increase Power Output
• First Step Explosion to “get to the ball” Quickly
• Agility to Stop and Change Direction Quickly
• Linear Acceleration for Break Away Speed
• Dynamic Flexibility
• Reaction Time (Visual and Auditory)
• Lateral Quickness
• Physical and Mental Toughness
• Lacrosse Specific Metabolic Conditioning Level

If you’re training with your club team or travel squad over the summer and in the fall, here are some of the most crucial team specific dynamics to keep in mind as you train:

• Offensive Dodging (Middies and Attack)
• Defensive Slide Packages (adjacent and crease)
• Proper Defensive Approach
• Face-Offs/Wing play
• Man Up and Man Down Scenarios
• Ground Ball Play
• Offensive Shooting (middies and Attack)
• Fast Breaks
• Unsettled Situations (5 v 4, 6 v 4, 6 v 5)
• Defensive Checks
• Goalie Play
• Rides and Clears

Off Set Weave:

1. Start by sprinting to the first cone.
2. With a quick change of direction, begin back pedaling to the next cone (and repeat).
3. Concentrate on accelerating out of the corners.

1. Start by sprinting to the first cone at full speed.
2. Then make a hard, sharp cut and sprint to the next cone, and then again to the last cone.
3. Make sure to stay low and get your body "square" to the direction that you are running as quick as possible.
4. Variations of this drill can be done by incorporating back pedals, side shuffles, etc.

Mike Murphy, a native of Virginia Beach, is a graduate from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. Murph is currently studying to obtain his MBA from Marymount University, concentrating in sport law. Murph has had extensive experience in the sports and entertainment industry, working for a variety of professional sports franchises and marketing agencies over the last several years including the New Jersey Nets, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Washington Nationals, and Octagon Global. He currently works out of Bethesda, Maryland as an Integrative Marketing Director and e-commerce coordinator for the Next Level Athletic Performance Center. He also coaches Next Level’s rising high school senior team as well as assisting in the reconstruction of the Varsity program at Bishop Ireton Catholic High School in Alexandria, Virginia.
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