Epoch's New Dragonfly Elite II Redfines Performance

Epoch's New Dragonfly Elite II Redfines Performance

New from Epoch Lacrosse in 2022 is the industry-leading Dragonfly Elite II Shaft. From the company that’s signed with numerous top-tier Epoch athletes in the National Lacrosse League and Premier Lacrosse League - including 2021 Champion Josh Byrne, two-time MVP Matt Rambo, Tom Schreiber, Jules Heningburg, Jarrod Neumann and Connor Fields -  comes the most technologically advanced shaft on the market today. The Dragonfly Elite II boasts Epoch’s new, innovative Reactive Technology and Progressive Weave that is designed to add power and performance on the field. And like all Epoch shafts, the Dragonfly Elite II is made in the USA with cutting edge materials. 

Offered in three different styles for the attack/midfield, face-off, and defense/LSM positions, the Dragonfly Elite II is the ideal option for all elite-level players. The shaft is 5% lighter than the Dragonfly Elite 2019 model, with up to 40% improved durability and 10% greater strength. With metrics like these and a sleek design, Epoch’s latest shaft redefines performance while turning heads along the way.

The only way to achieve this sort of groundbreaking innovation is to break boundaries – and that’s exactly what Epoch’s in-house research and development team has done with the Reactive Tech and Progressive Weave in the Dragonfly Elite II. The proprietary technology is engineered with the handcrafted Progressive Weave to maximize energy transfer and overall reactiveness for the player. In more specific terms, the Progressive Weave changes in size from wider, lower reactive construction at the bottom to tighter, more reactive construction towards the head to optimize player performance and feel by progressively increasing the responsiveness along the shaft.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Dragonfly Elite II adds to that innovation by featuring Epoch’s Dual Micro Grip technology as well. Dual Micro Grip offers players a smooth matte feel while passing, shooting, and dodging, adding to power and reactivity on passes and shots.

 Grab the lightest Elite shaft ever made to experience innovation for yourself. Head to epochlacrosse.com to buy yours today.

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