Epoch Lacrosse Signs Fastest Shot World Record Holder Zack Dorn

Epoch Lacrosse Signs Fastest Shot World Record Holder Zack Dorn

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Minneapolis, MN – October 1, 2014 – Zack Dorn, the official world record holder for the fastest lacrosse shot at 116 mph is the newest member of Epoch Lacrosse’s team of endorsed athletes. Zack’s deal with Epoch is precedence setting establishing him as the first non-professional lacrosse player to sign a brand endorsement contract.

VIDEO: Lax Bro Pulled From Stands, Breaks World Record with 116 mph Shot

The shot heard around the lacrosse world came during halftime at the 2014 Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game in Boston, MA. Zack’s day job at The Lax Shop in Chicago, IL, gave him the opportunity to test the latest and greatest equipment on the market. After countless hours of shooting on the stores indoor goal and radar gun it was evident that Epoch’s soon to be released Gen.5 Dragonfly C30 shaft with Otter Mesh was the dialed in combination. Zack equaled the existing world record of 114 mph with his first shot and his second effortless shot set a new world record at 116 mph.

"Zack is a gifted athlete and his ability to shoot a lacrosse ball is unparalleled,” said James Miceli, principal and founder of Epoch Lacrosse. “His ability to feel microscopic changes in lacrosse equipment is invaluable and will give us the ability to test and perfect our products with ‘real world’ feedback to go along with our lab testing. Zack will also be representing us at lacrosse events across the country giving kids the opportunity to see for themselves what a 116 mph shot really looks like.”
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