Epoch Lacrosse Launches With True Temper Lacrosse Technology

Lacrosse is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle. Epoch Lacrosse understands this philosophy and wishes to pay tribute to this with a new, innovative lacrosse brand. Epoch carries with it a unique brand strategy, catering to those who are ambassadors of the game, both on and off the field.

Utilizing True Temper Lacrosse technology, Epoch is positioned to represent the most technologically advanced lacrosse products available today. With technology based on over 100 years of manufacturing experience and real world application, the results are both measurable in a lab and during competition. Engineers and players work in harmony to not only validate the design concepts but also to surpass current equipment boundaries.

Epoch aims to maintain the structural integrity of each individual shaft, and their relationship with True Temper allows them to secure the raw materials to do so. Every Epoch shaft is made from the highest grade materials available, allowing them to be lightweight, durable and strong. All of the designs are tested and re-tested, which means Epoch is also able to ensure that playability is optimized.

Epoch Lacrosse strives to honor tradition, but they are determined to make history.

There is going to be a lot happening at Epoch over the next few months, so make sure you keep up to date by liking them at www.facebook.com/epochlax. Dealers, Epoch is going to be at the NCAA Tournament to showcase their new product lineup. For more information, please email NCAA@epochlacrosse.com.
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