Epoch Lacrosse and StringKing Lacrosse Announce Partnership

Epoch Lacrosse and StringKing Lacrosse Announce Partnership

Minneapolis, MN, March 12, 2014 – Epoch Lacrosse is proud to announce that it has chosen StringKing Lacrosse to manufacture its game changing and patent pending Otter Mesh™.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to work with a great company like Epoch. We strongly feel that composite shafts are the future of lacrosse and for the past few years Epoch has been the industry leader in composite shaft technology. There are a lot of materials and manufacturing techniques used in composite shafts that can be used to make mesh/pockets. Otter Mesh is the first mesh that combines advanced materials and processing techniques used in the composites industry with our new patent pending manufacturing processes and mesh design. Not only does Otter Mesh perform extremely consistently, but its weight significantly increases a players ability to snap his stick when shooting,” said Jake McCampbell, Co-Founder and President of StringKing Lacrosse.

Otter Mesh performs with the highest level of consistency and is manufactured with the highest level of precision. Otter Mesh utilizes the same mesh construction and dimensions as StringKing Performance Mesh making it compatible with StringKing engineered pockets on uSTRING.com.

“Having Otter Mesh be uSTRING compatible is a major plus.  We were amazed by how great the pockets were and how easy uSTRING is to use,” said Ryan Hurley, partner and National Sales representative at Epoch Lacrosse.  “We created the most consistent mesh with uSTRING so that you can string the most consistent pocket.”

During the development phase, Epoch researched and interviewed several manufacturers and was blown away by StringKing¹s attention to detail and its manufacturing process.  “StringKing’s performance mesh hit on all the marks we were looking for in a manufacturer,” said James Miceli, Principal at Epoch Lacrosse.  “The energy and passion for the game the crew at StringKing brings to the table is inspiring.  Both Epoch and StringKing share a common belief that design and technology will help advance the game of lacrosse through better products.”
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