Entrepreneur and Maverik Lacrosse Founder Launches First Functional Tea

Entrepreneur and Maverik Lacrosse Founder Launches First Functional Tea

NEW YORK, June 18, 2014 – Former professional lacrosse player and entrepreneur, John Gagliardi, is proud to announce the launch of Titan Tea, the first tea created for active people. Made with organic tea leaves, Titan Tea infuses electrolytes for hydration plus ribose and caffeine for sustained energy—providing the benefits of drinking a sports hydration drink with the full flavor of a cold brewed tea. All of their products are low-calorie, non-GMO, and come in four refreshing flavors: Lemon Black Tea, Raspberry Black Tea, Peach Green Tea and Pomegranate Green Tea, all lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.

“I have always loved brewed tea,” said Gagliardi, former Team USA lacrosse player and Johns Hopkins two-time All American. “As a professional athlete, I was looking for something healthy that would help me hydrate before practice, stay energized when training and refuel after a hard game, but without being full of sugar or artificial ingredients. Really, what I wanted did not exist. So after two years perfecting our products, I am confident Titan Tea is of the highest quality and will give active people a healthy alternative­­.”

Titan Tea is the first bottled tea to add functional ingredients like electrolytes for hydration and ribose, which studies have shown sustain energy levels when taken over time. Ribose, an organic compound naturally produced by the human body, supplies energy to cells and aids in the recovery of muscles. “While I was working on my previous business, I started noticing that my energy levels were unusually low, so I went to a nutritionist, and found out I was deficient in ribose. I began supplementing it twice daily to regain my energy levels,” said Gagliardi. “That’s why I am so passionate about sharing it with people, because I’ve personally experienced the benefits of ribose.”

Initially, Titan Tea products will be rolled out in a limited launch in New York City, Brooklyn and the Hamptons under the guidance of retail and home distribution partners Dora’s Naturals and North Fork Water, respectively. You can find Titan Tea in natural and specialty retailers around the city like Equinox’s Creative Juice locations, Westerly Market, and Gristedes amongst others.

“We’ve built a strong team of seasoned beverage industry professional who are working day and night to ensure the successful launch, and support of our retail partners,” said Gagliardi. “We’re really focused on getting the product in people’s hands so they can try it” he continued, speaking of the Titan team’s strong local marketing efforts to get in front of people at athletic and charity events throughout New York City, Long Island and the Hamptons. “I am confident that we have created a product that any active person will thoroughly enjoy and will add value to their daily routines. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Titan Tea to everyone.”

About Titan Tea
Titan Tea, founded by former professional lacrosse player John Gagliardi, is made for the active person in everyone. Infused with electrolytes for hydration, plus ribose and caffeine for sustained energy, Titan Tea is the first functional tea on the market. The company’s mission is to ensure its practices are as pure as its product and does that by sourcing its organic, non-GMO ingredients ethically, and supporting initiatives to help the local community. Titan Tea is a partner of Fair Trade USA and works closely with the Fresh Air Fund – a local independent not-for profit organization in NYC, to give children from low-income households in its community the opportunity to enjoy and experience summer camp in rural upstate New York.
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