England Lacrosse Awarded £3.4 million in Funding

England Lacrosse Awarded £3.4 million in Funding

England Lacrosse has been awarded an investment of £3.4 million by Sport England based on a track record of success against previous investment and a Whole Sport Plan focused on continued participation growth. The award represents the largest investment in the governing body to date, and rewards the growth achieved by English Lacrosse in recent years.

England will use the investment to continue to seize momentum in terms of encouraging new people into the sport and to foster successful talent. Club membership will increase by 45% through expansion of the network.

English Lacrosse in one of 46 sports funded by Sport England. A total of £0.5 billion has been invested in governing bodies to drive community sport participation, and keep the inspiration of London 2012 alive. To learn more, visit Englandlacrosse.co.uk
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