Elite Motion Coach - (Slow Motion Video Training Systems) Announces Its National Sales Launch at the Konica Minolta FACE-OFF Classic

BALTIMORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Elite Motion Coach, the industry leader in slow motion video training systems, announces the national sales launch of the Elite Motion Coach during the Konica Minolta FACE-OFF Classic, on March 6th, 2010. The Elite Motion Coach is a dynamic training system built to enhance the coaching experience by instantly capturing the athletic motion, providing coaches and athletes affordable access to the best in slow motion video technology. For over five years, Major League Baseball organizations, including the New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins and the New York Mets, have utilized slow motion video technology as part of their player skill development program.

Taz Brown, Partner, Elite Motion Coach, “We are pleased to attend the Inside Lacrosse FACE-OFF Classic in Baltimore. This is the perfect event to showcase our slow motion video technology system to over 20,000 lacrosse enthusiasts and coaches during a live shooting skill demonstration. John Grant, Jr., 3 time MVP –Rochester Rattlers, current member Rochester Knighthawks, NLL, Toronto Nationals, MLL, Team Canada will be demonstrating the Elite Motion Coach at our live shooting cage during the game for a limited number of athletes. “

Bernie Walter, ABCA Hall of Fame Inductee, USA Baseball Coach, "If you can see it, you can fix it. Oftentimes what a coach can see with his naked eye, a player can't. The Elite Motion Coach's slow motion technology allows the player to instantly see the areas where they need improvement. Slowing the swing or throw down using the touch screen is helpful in the player's ability to visualize the proper fundamental skill, leading to better muscle memory and reinforcement during practice.”

Elite Motion Coach is the only touch screen, sunlight read-able, battery powered system on the market today, providing the perfect mobile coaching system for sports motion capture and instant analysis. The Elite Motion Coach, captures and saves video instantly, and includes options for voice over audio analysis, frame-by-frame advance, side-by-side split screen comparisons, and the drawing of lines, circles and grids.

The Elite Motion Coach has been custom designed from the ground up with one goal in mind... helping athletes get better faster. Every aspect of the Elite Motion Coach has been designed to serve the purpose of rapid performance improvement and accelerate the learning process at every skill level.

Matt Hogan, St. Mary’s High School, Annapolis, MD, says “Lacrosse fundamentals win games. The Elite Motion Coach allows our coaching staff to capture the mechanics and fundamentals of our athletes instantly. We evaluate the athlete’s current shooting motion with a side-by-side analysis of the proper mechanics. We capture the motion using the Elite Motion Coach slow motion video technology, and within seconds we analyze the slow motion video for the athlete. This is a breakthrough for coaches and player development. "

Check out Casey Powell putting the Slow Motion training tool to good use at his camp
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