Eleonore Rocks Foundation

Eleonore Rocks Foundation

Many days we go through life just living each day as it comes.  Once in a while we have many thoughts about random elements of life, which may even cause us to take action to do something great.  Well, I am taking the time to talk about something great right now.  Something that has made a difference in many lives already, and even an opportunity many of you could take part in.  This foundation is called Eleonore Rocks Foundation.  Of course your sitting there wondering what this foundation is all about, so grab some kleenex because this backstory does get very touching.

The Story

Rochelle and Dave Friedrich had been very blessed, already having two kids.  Nevertheless, they were informed with the spectacular news they were having another angel!  All was going on inside Rochelle's tummy, and all the normal check-ups were in the future as usual, and around the 20 week period, the bad news started to funnel into their life.  They started calling their angel, "Baby Peanut" due to the fact they were informed their child would have a two vessel umbilical cord.  With that said, it would mean, in most cases, a low birth weight, which Dave and Rochelle were prepared for at this point.  However, at week 27, their world started to become much more difficult as they were informed "Baby Peanut" had a prominent right heart.  Soon after, the baby was diagnosed with Shone's Complex, and Dave and Rochelle were told the child would need open heart surgery within days of being born!  Both Dave and Rochelle were in a state of shock and confusion, but they pushed on in order to ensure they could be strong for their unborn child.

One November 14, 2009 Rochelle knew it was time for the angel to come, so they headed to the hospital with optimism and prayed for the best.  On November 15, 2009 at 10:50 am, Eleonore Grace was brought into this world.  She looked great, had all her fingers, wonderful head of hair, and Dave and Rochelle were hopeful to hear great news.  However, they soon learned that not only did she have the heart condition, but she also had a cleft palate , and even more bad news continued to come in.  They had always been prepared for open heart surgery, but not really for the matter of the possibility of the baby dying.  However, on November 20th, after Eleonore Grace had shown great perseverance, she was shown a tremendous amount of love from her family members before she finally passed from all the complications.  Thus, Dave and Rochelle created this foundation to not only remember Eleonore, but to also help other families enduring similar heartaches.

What They Do

Eleonore rocks takes donations and even has raffles to raise money for one-of-a-kind made rocking chairs that are hand made by great craftsman.  They are actually made by Amish craftsman, and the rocking chairs are given to families that are going through the same heartaches, and so the families can rock their children.  To date, they have donated 70 chairs, and it's not just chairs they donate, it's even their time.  As we all know, time is valuable to anyone.  We all need to donate our time and efforts to terminally ill children, and if you want to know more about this foundation, check out their website or Facebook.  Be sure to donate if you can by going here.  If you feel like chatting, send Dave and Rochelle a message by going to the contact page as they love to hear from anyone!

As always, if you need anything, email me at josh@umgoblue or shoot me a message @TheRealHag on Twitter.
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