Eight blogs every lacrosse player must follow

We realize we aren’t the only blog out there. So we put together a list of eight (non-lacrosse) blogs that every laxer should read.

BroBible.com is one of Lacrosse Playground’s favorite sites (and not just because we’re on their blogroll). BroBible loosely defines its demographic as “ambitious, socially active, sports- and recreation-minded men aged 18-up.” BroBible.com has the latest buzz in pop culture and sports, allows you to browse photos and videos in the “Brommunity”, and you can even create a “Brofile.”
Link: Brobible.com

College Humor
It is what it sounds like. Sometimes immature, but often hilarious blog posts, photos and video. It’s a mix of the funny and the absurd, some things you are embarrassed to admit you laugh at, and others that you forward on to every friend.
Link: CollegeHumor.com

Extra Mustard
The Sports Illustrated blog “Extra Mustard” says it’s the place where pop culture meets sports culture. Dead on. Pop culture gossip mixed with sports news and cool videos, Extra Mustard takes the sports world and mixes it with mainstream culture. Sports feuds, cheerleaders, and music are just a few of the topics you’ll find on this blog.
Link: sportsillustrated.cnn.com/extramustard/

Sports meets commentary meets immature humor and sex. Sounds like a perfect combination. If ESPN lets you know everything that happens on the field, Deadspin lets you know everything that is going on off it. Donovan McNabb spotted at a topless pool in Vegas? Check. Tony Romo’s split with Jessica Simpson? Check. A report on John Clayton’s on-air flatulence? Yeah. You got that, too. Immature, critical, and hilarious.
Link: Deadspin.com

Shoes, apparel, and street fashion, Hypebeast calls itself a sneaker-based blog with a strong emphasis on street fashion. From Air Jordan to Livestrong kicks, Hype Beast has a simple layout and wants to feature the shoes. As a blog that wants to feature lax equipment and apparel, we appreciate putting the product first and think Hypebeast should be
Link: Hypebeast.com

Yes, we included it. Get over it. True, TMZ has become a bit too mainstream, but it still has a place in our hearts. For years they’ve been giving us the scoop on Paris, LC, Speidi, Bennifer, Brangelina, and TomKat. Heck, it’s where we learned that Britney’s manny was a former Navy laxer. The bottom line is this: Ridiculous news, hilarious stories, celebrity gossip (and the occasional breaking news story) live in TMZ.com. And so do we.
Link: TMZ.com

What Would Tyler Durden Do?
Named after Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club, What Would Tyler Durden Do (WWTDD) mixes pop culture, gossip, and a dose of dishing it out to celebrities. Sometimes offensive and often over-the-top, the one thing WWTDD isn’t is boring.
Link: WWTDD.com

With Leather
You won’t find any rah-rah sports news here. With Leather is unapologetically critical of athletes, teams, and some fans. As they put it, It’s about the “idiots in the world of sports, and the hot chicks who date them.” And, well, that’s why we read.
Link: Withleather.com

Did we leave one out? If you have a favorite blog of your own, let us know below.
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