DYNA-CLAWS Performance Field Cleats Review

DYNA-CLAWS Performance Field Cleats Review

DYNA-CLAWS Performance Field Cleats are the only cleats on the market that react to every move of the athlete. Whether you are running forward, back pedaling or making a cut, each of the DYNA-CLAWS six dynamic legs adapt to the playing surface and provide up to 85% more points of contact than a studded or molded outsole shoe. DYNA-CLAWS took the idea of a mobile cleat and mixed it with the feel of a golf cleat, taking two ideas and making them new again. These cleats are replaceable and fit on any shoe with more ease than a lot of models out there.

Grip 9 out of 10. The DYNA-CLAWS give you a super close to the ground feel and you feel solid like you won’t slip. Every player has a varying opinion on footwear and grip, but I can honestly see players at any position wearing these attachable claws. These would especially be great for defensemen relying on standing their ground against a big attackman.

Speed 6 out of 10. With greater grip to the ground the DYNA-CLAWS did lose some speed. When you take off to sprint the DYNA-CLAWS holds you won't get much push being that the attachables are so close to the ground. However, these will enable you to stop on a dime with ease! These spikes will certainly help you shake a kid out of his raggedy cleats.

Durability 8 out of 10. The only durability issue we felt with the DYNA-CLAWS is with the cleats being shaped like golf cleats. They may bow out under pressure over time, but then again all cleats wear down and break. Unlike other cleats the screw is a separate piece so when it comes time to replace these cleats it’s as easy as using your wrench (included with each pack of cleats) to quickly pull it out and put in a new one. Under cutting and pushing pressure the DYNA-CLAWS did not budge or crack so I really do feel that they will hold up and stand the test of time.

Overall the DYNA-CLAWS gets a 8 out of 10. The DYNA-CLAWS may not be the perfect all-around lacrosse cleat, but for positions they could provide a significant advantage. Like all products the DYNA-CLAWS are not for everyone, but for those looking to be the next lock-down D-man these might just give you the advantage on the field to cover your man and close the gate at GLE.

DYNA-CLAWS are available in a single player, multi-player and team pack. To purchase, visit Dynaclaws.com.

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