Drexel Eight Ball Dye Job

Drexel Eight Ball Dye Job

I recently did a head for Drexel attackman, Cory Dobyns. He recently found out that he would be wearing #8 this year and wanted to get another head dyed up with an eight ball theme and he wanted to really represent the King Dyes. The head incorporated a number of logos including the large 8 ball and then a line of the King Dyes logo on the inside top sidewall and the bottom sidewall as well.

One came out Black due to the 'White out' theme where I cut out each of the logos while the other one came out White because the logos were placed there. For the eight ball we had two options, a small one which would have been difficult to see the number eight or a larger one that would be superset on the head. After all the logos were done and the mini-checkerboard pattern was done on the small portion of the interior sidewall, the Drexel and "The Program" logo were placed on the throat, it was time to dye. The head was then placed in the Black dye for about an hour to make sure I got an intense Black. Without that deep Black the eight ball would have looked ridiculous. The final product I thought looks great and C.D., #8, was amped for the new wand.

For more tips, questions, or to request a quote or get your own King Dyes custom head done email me at kingdyes49@gmail.com and follow me on twitter @49KingDyes. Stay tuned for more!
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