Drexel Hot Glue Dye Job

Drexel Hot Glue Dye Job

I got a call from a recent Georgetown Prep graduate on his way to Drexel to play, who said he needed a head done by tonight (Thursday August 4th) so it could be "strung up and ready to use tomorrow" (Friday August 5th). I'm like, "you are nuts!" However, we discussed what he is looking for with his Drexel dye.

The dye was similar to my previous post of the 1Love with the bottom half hot glued. However, for this one the main colors are navy and gold, but #5 informed me that they do have some red in their swag. So we decided to just have the scoop navy and then a fade from gold to red with the hot glue style in there.

If you haven't guessed already the dragon was definitely the hardest part due to its extreme detail. And yes this was done by hand only in two tries using on a scalpel. He asked to rep the King Dyes name so we decided on a larger logo but just the outline which I felt was unique and looked great as well as a couple smaller ones well hidden.

We went simple with the school name and just put standard text on the back of the scoop showing the Drexel name written. The other logo was new to me. It was 'judgment day' from www.theprogram.org. Pretty legit stuff when you really look in to it. Again the stick came out looking nice but I have to say the Dragon came out the best.

Step1: I placed a few logos on the head
Step2: I covered the bottom with hot glue
Step3: I dyed the bottom portion golden yellow with a fade
Step4: I covered half of what was golden yellow with more hot glue
Step5: I dyed that bottom half red with a fade
Step6: I finished placing all the logos
Step7: I dyed the top scoop denim blue
Step8: I rinsed thoroughly
Step9: I removed the hot glue and logos

Dye Tip(s) for this Piece: Be careful not to go too dark with a golden yellow dye or you may need to do two coats on the red to get the proper color you're looking for. Also, when doing logo's, 1. make sure you know what they mean before you get them put on there so if someone asks you don't look like a fool, and 2. take your time when cutting them out. It takes practice and concentration to get things to look great. I take pride in every image I cut out. I feel my standards are higher than those of my customers.

For more questions email me at kingdyes49@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @49KingDyes and view more images on the facebook group King Dyes.
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good luck twirling this twig in west philly…



if youre not on varsity i had a lot of fun playing for the drexel club team
they have awesome gear for this year too

Rippin Twine, Feelin Fine!

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