DJ Hero will be the new must-have for gamers (and laxers)

So the title of this blog post might be a bit strong, but we stand by it. Guitar Hero is a staple for any lacrosse player. That's no secret. But come this fall we're guessing that DJ Hero will be too.

The same company who brought you Guitar Hero has taken the concept one step further. Activision’s latest social gaming tool to hit this year is equipped with a turntable to manipulate and distort popular music. DJ Hero offers a menagerie of music genres such as rap, pop, hip hop and techno. This piece is sure to redefine and raise the gaming world up a notch.

USA Today even reported that there's even a special edition of DJ Hero planned that got Jay Z and Eminem involved. The special edition will come with new greatest-hits CDs from each, an advanced controller, a DJ stand and a metal traveling case.

The G4 Network recently previewed DJ Hero and has some sample mixes on its site. Based on the previews the game looks pretty sick. DJs everywhere might have a tough time booking gigs this fall, because we can definitely see DJ Hero parties popping up all over the place.

Check out G4s preview and some samples from their site below:

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