Dirty Girls Lacrosse Apparel

Dirty Girls Lacrosse Apparel

Contrary to what you'd expect, Dirty Girls Lacrosse is actually a men's lacrosse team... and I love it. The team started in 2009, "We're a bunch of lax playing, politically incorrect, laid back lax bros who just want to toss the rock. We spend our summers hanging out in Rhode Island and southeast MA." Sounds good to me. The team is a summer team and will be hitting up some summer tournaments this summer, keep your eyes pealed, not like you could miss them with these jerseys.

The team founders are the three lax bros - Evan “Paco” Vergano, Derek “Rico” Marshall and Brad “B-Rad” Camiel. There’s also Mikey V, the old dog who assists in the organizing and apparel ordering for the team. We let the old man run a few long pole lines during the season, as he’s ridiculous to watch.

The team is mainly formed from players who played in high school and college. Wanna join the team? The only requirement to become a Dirty Girl is being able to answer one question “Are you man enough to be a Dirty Girl?”

The jerseys for Dirty Girl Lacrosse team have to be one of my favorites. While scrolling down on twitter, I scrolled right past these bad boys and just had to spread the word and apparently I'm not the only one. The team has a website where you can purchase the apparel and be a dirty girl yourself. Check out the DG Lax tees and pinnies at www.dirtygirlslacrosse.net. Also follow them on Twitter @DirtyGirlsLax and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DirtyGirlsLax. Best of luck this season Bros!
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