Defense Sport Mouthguard Rinse

Defense Sport Mouthguard Rinse

Ever wonder if your mouthguard is clean and germ free? Odds are it isn't even close to being hygenic. We uncovered a new product on the market that you and your whole team should consider, Defense Sport. Defense Sport is the first and only product to address the issue of athletic oral hygiene. Their alcohol free and sugar free solution contains a proven antimicrobial that can be used multiple times during games and practice. Defense Sport is safe for all mouthguards.

Defense Sport is quick and easy to use - just hold the mouth guard in your hand, squirt both sides, shake it off, and go compete. Not only is it now quick and easy for athletes to clean their mouth guards, but they can do it on the bench and on the field, during practices and games. That’s when they need the protection the most.

Defense Sport is being used in the NFL and the NHL. Defense Sport Mouthguard Rinse is also recommended by the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS). The list of professional teams, colleges, high schools and individuals that use Defense Sport is growing as well as list of retailers carrying the product. Purchase today at Also follow Defense Sport on Twitter and Facebook.
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