Defender Mouthguards Mentioned in STACK Magazine

In STACK’s discussions with pro athletes about training gear, one item is frequently left out of the conversation—although a majority of pro athletes use it every day. It’s not cleats, bats, balls or shoes: it’s the mouth guard. Of course, Defender has just the answer with their new "Pro" Mouthguard.

Defender President Joe Pipolo states:

If you’re able to wear a mouth guard like ours, which keeps the lower jaw slightly open and in a slightly forward position, it gives you that pocket of protection, limiting the risk of concussion from a blow. A protective mouth guard like ours gives you a little bit of cushion between the chewing surfaces of the teeth while keeping your lower jaw out of the socket at the base of the brain, which is where you get the concussion from impact. A mouth guard should be your best defense against sports-related dental injury. that’s only true if it’s in your mouth.

Read the article in its entirety at STACK Magazine.
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