Deep Fried Kool-Aid Takes Over Web

Video of San Diego man preparing a deep-fried snack fuels new fried-food trend. Charlie Boghosian runs a food cart at the San diego State Fair that specializes in frying EVERYTHING. One day he decides to fry his favorite bevarage, Cherry Kool-Aid. Charlie has always been a fan of Kool-Aid for as long as he can remember. The process isn't too complicated. He makes a thick batter out of Kool-Aid, flour and water before frying the donut holes in grease.
The video is spreading like wildfire across the web and he has even been interviewed on talk shows such as Good Morning America. He is currently only selling Cherry flavor, but as you can imagine more flavors will be available soon. View video below.

This would be a great treat for campers this Summer! Although, counselors probably don't want the kids running around hopped up on more sugar than they already consume.
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