ConnectLAX Recruit Feature: Ian DeValliere

ConnectLAX Recruit Feature: Ian DeValliere

ConnectLAX Recruit Feature: Ian DeValliere


Ian DeValliere is a 2015 goalie from Nevada on Bishop Manogue H.S. and Sacramento Aces

What are you looking for in a college lacrosse program?

First and foremost is a quality education. I am looking for a school that can challenge me academically and prepare me for my future in the medical field. In a lacrosse program, I am looking for goalie coaches that would be able to help me grow as a player and a head coach that is able to get the best out of his players.
How do you see yourself contributing to a college lacrosse program?
I can save the ball very well and come up big in big games and I feel as though I will be able to add an extra element of leadership to my team. I have a great work ethic and put time and effort into becoming a better player.

What is your greatest strength as a player?
Other than saving the ball, I feel as though my greatest strength is my leadership. I am able to command a defense to prevent shots and am vocal enough to have those around me complete their task at hand.

Who was your biggest lacrosse influence?

My biggest lacrosse influence was Frank Resetarits. I spent my summer traveling from Reno to Sacramento in order to practice twice a week and was able to spend all of those practices seeing shots from Coach Frank as well as many current college players. Frank was willing to take me on to the Sacramento Aces and gave me the best opportunity to grow as a lacrosse player.

What is your lacrosse goal for the 2015 season?

My biggest goal this year is to take my high school team to the Nevada State Championship game. I am the team captain of a very young team and I need to use my leadership to win Northern Nevada and compete with the teams down in Vegas for a State Championship.

What is your favorite professional sports team?

My favorite professional sports team is the San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick is from Nevada he has to be the favorite!
Ian’s coach Frank Resetarits says “Ian's a hardworking Goalie who leads by example. He is constantly trying to improve his craft and is a quick learner that excels on the field. His work ethic and leadership would be a valuable asset for any team looking for a strong leader on defense.”
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