ConnectLAX: Add Your Commitment to Your College's Profile

ConnectLAX: Add Your Commitment to Your College's Profile is a lacrosse start-up based in NYC. ConnectLAX is for high school recruits and college coaches. ConnectLAX is passionate about helping players realize their dream of playing college lacrosse and breaking down the barriers in lacrosse recruiting.

Join over 5,000 commits that have already listed on their college's profile on ConnectLAX. Find your college here: (filter by college name to find your team) and click "Add a commit" under Recruit Commits. It's free. From MCLA / WCLA to D1, over 1,450 teams are listed.

Your high school, hometown and position lets other recruits know whose committed from their area and at their position. Select recruits that submit their highlight video with their commitment will be featured in our newsletter to over 10k players and coaches.

Showcase your commitment where it will be seen for years to come.

Alumni? Fill out our college matching service questionnaire to see if your college choice matches what you really wanted in a school.

College lacrosse at any level matters; here are a few teams at every level.





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