"CON BRO CHILL" Brings the Flow to Harlem

"CON BRO CHILL" Brings the Flow to Harlem

HARLEM, NEW YORK CITY - With pop music blaring from his portable waistband boombox, Connor "Con Bro Chill" Martin entered the blisteringly hot gymnasium at Frederick Douglass Academy around noon. After introducing himself to the audience, Connor began interacting with the crowd of 40 boys and girls. He was forced to elevate his voice while providing tips and tricks for the better part of two hours, talking above both the excited cheers of onlookers and the clamor of girls playfully conducting clapping games in the basketball stands.

Among the students there were 20 experienced middle school players (each with anywhere between one and three years of lax behind them). Additionally a dozen younger summer campers joined the fun, each of whom had only been handling a stick for a month at most. Nonetheless, Connor was able to cater his performance and the day's activities to all involved. His demonstration included a skillful display of power shooting, carrying the net a good half foot with each crank, as well as Michael Jackson-inspired danceoff at the session's finale. Most of the appearance was spent by Connor directing wallball drills, a shootaround, and eventually a mock-game between two squads with Connor being the obvious wild card in the bunch. The winning team had their pick at a large collection of "Flow Society" shirts, shorts and wristbands. But don't feel bad for the losers; everyone went home with at least one pair of sick "Flow Society" shorts.

Below is an account of the day's events, provided by attendee & rising 8th grader from the Frederick Douglass Academy, Ismael Cisse (see the attached picture of Ish):

My name is Ismael Cisse, and I am from the Bronx. It was fun meeting Connor (aka "Jackson 5 Fan") because he showed us how to do things correctly. For example: shoot hard, catch, and throw. I learned that my side shots were good, but I just needed to lift my arms up a little higher. I've been playing lacrosse for 3 years now, and I'm loving the game. I also learned that it's cool to have a lot of hair, and plus your hair bounces, too.

The kids in the group did have a suprised reaction though. They couldn't believe that they were actually getting advise from a pro lacrosse player. His style is cool, and I would definitely consider dressing like that. However, I would need the size of the clothing to be smaller so I could fit in them. My favorite piece of clothing was the monkey/banana shorts, and I really liked the shirts.

The Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership Corporation (www.HarlemLacrosse.org), as well as the players from Frederick Douglass Academy, would like to thank Connor Martin + Flow Society for the fantastic visit. Please see below for video from the event. Photos are coming soon...
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