Cherokee Topstring

Here's one more way to do the new topstring-thing. I call it the Cherokee.

For the Cherokee Topstring, start by securing the outside diamond of the head like we've done before. Take a 5.5 foot piece of string and fold it in half, and start at the halfway spot. Next, though, go up a hole or two and start through the same hole, twisting your topstring until you get about even with the outer leather hole, and the second mesh hole. Go up and do a hitch knot on both, the sprial around the string you came up with, much like a turtle shell twist.

When you meet back in the middle, twist it tightly, and continue across the head. You'll want to hit every other mesh hole, and every leather hole. I twisted the string about 4-5 times between each vertical twist, so whatever you choose, just keep it even.

When you get to the far side of the head, go out the opposite hole you started in. Go down a couple holes and go back in, securing the mesh to the side of your stick.

When you're done, all your mesh-to-plastic vertical things should go up and down, and the connector pieces shouldn't look like a zig-zag. But anywho, give this a shot, and post what you come up with. I saw a goalie head recently with the Huron topstring, and the stick doctor that plays with it says it works wonders. So stay tuned, we'll be bringing you that soon! I'll be out for a week or so, so if I don't answer any questions right away, don't hate. I'll be on a boat.

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