Charity Lacrosse Collaborates with Fields of Growth

Chapel Hill, NC – April 3rd, 2012 Established in early 2012, the non-profit sports organization Charity Lacrosse unites the philanthropic efforts of the lacrosse community. The goals of the organization are to raise awareness and funds for charities through lacrosse, promote all charity driven lacrosse events, and provide scholarships to fund the higher education of promising male and female athletes.

“Lacrosse is such a great game,” said Jon Leonardo, director of operations for Charity Lacrosse. “Jamie, Ian and I all have such a passion for the sport and would love to see all of our entrepreneurial efforts support the growth of the community. It’s all about giving back.”

Seasoned lacrosse players Jon Leonardo, Jamie DeBole and Ian Grady founded Charity Lacrosse to bridge the gap between those who want to help and those who need help using lacrosse. Charity Lacrosse has partnered with the Michael Breschi Foundation, which provides scholarships for lacrosse athletes, as well as Fields of Growth International, a non-profit focused on accelerating the already growing lacrosse community in Costa Rica.

“Charity Lacrosse, in collaboration with Fields of Growth… will provide students a chance to make a difference through lacrosse in Costa Rica, grow personally, and also provide personal time, allowing students to enjoy the ‘Pura Vida’ of Costa Rica,” said Inside Lacrosse.

The organization helps to provide proper equipment, instruction and financial aid to current and aspiring players of lacrosse. Currently, Charity Lacrosse is raising support through donations and the sales of apparel.

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