Central Michigan University Adds Division 1 Women's Lacrosse


December, 2012 — The Central Michigan University Board of Trustees met for the final time in 2012 to discuss items ranging from women’s athletics to a performance evaluation of President George E. Ross.

Trustees approved a recommendation from the university’s Gender Equity Committee that women’s NCAA Division I golf and lacrosse be added to provide equitable athletics participation and educational opportunities for men and women. The measure ensures the continuation of CMU’s long-standing compliance with Title IX. The resolution also calls for the addition of up to two more undetermined women’s sports at a later date.

The board action paves the way for 2014-15 to be the first competitive season for golf and 2015-16 for lacrosse. Faculty member Judy Chandler, who chairs the Gender Equity Committee, notes that both sports are extremely popular — Michigan has nearly 350 high school golf programs and lacrosse is the fastest-growing women’s sport in the state and nationwide.
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