Buying a Lacrosse Goal: The 4 Things You Need to Know

Buying a Lacrosse Goal: The 4 Things You Need to Know


Like any piece of lacrosse gear, buying a brand-spanking-new lacrosse goal can be intimidating. What brand do you buy? How much should you spend? Will having your own lax goal really improve your game? Well our friends over at Lacrosse Scoop wrote an entire lacrosse goals buying guide to answer these exact questions.

Go check it out. Now. But in case you’re feeling lazy, here are the spark notes…

1. Top Brand Names Don't Matter

Let us explain. Traditionally when you buy any new lax gear, from heads to gloves, you make your purchase from a proven lacrosse brand like STX, Brine, and Warrior. Well, that's all changing.

There are tons of newer brands launching top of the line lacrosse field equipment. You're now seeing brands like Gladiator, Predator, and Rukket making a name for themselves. We've seen first-hand the lacrosse goals these guys are offering, and they are truly impressive.

2. You Don't Need to Spend a Fortune

Your wallet is safe. With these newer brands like Gladiator, Predator, and Rukket entering the lacrosse market, having your very own lacrosse goal in your backyard is now affordable.

See for Yourself:

Here are current prices for some of the best value lacrosse goals on Amazon....

Gladiator Goal - $59.95
Champion Goal - $93.50
Rukket RipIt Goal - $129.95

Under $60....Seriously?! In the past you've had to spend well over $100 on a Brine or STX lacrosse goal. Spend just a little more, and you can scoop up a lax net that's foldable. Which reminds us....

3. Get a Goal You Can Easily Move

If you can, buy a lacrosse goal you can fold up and easily transport. Most of the time, your net will sit in your backyard for easy access. But believe us, you will be moving it from your backyard, to the practice field, to your friends house, to tournaments and camps. The other option is to buy a heavy lacrosse goal and then rent a U-Haul anytime you need to move it!

The Gladiator lacrosse goal we mentioned above won't fold up, but it's lightweight and easy to move. But if you want a lax net that will actually fold up into a bag, go with the Rukket RipIt.

Now here's the reason you need your very own lax goal...

4. Your Shooting Skills WILL Improve

True story. If you were to ask any Major League Lacrosse player the exact lacrosse shooting routines they applied to take their game to the next level.....shooting on a lax goal every day is on that list.

When mastering a new skill like improving your shooting, repetition is key.

Having a lacrosse net sitting right in your backyard to easily practice on will help you score more goals come game-time.

The Final Scoop...

For just under $60 bucks and a little sweat you can take your lacrosse game to the next level.

We guarantee if you spend 20 minutes a day shooting on your new lax goal that you'll not only shoot faster and score more goals, but you'll make more friends. All of your buds will be getting in line to come over and rip some shots on your new goal.
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