Burd Wood Works Lacrosse Sticks


After getting to spend a few field days with Burd's wooden attack shaft out here in sunny Southern California, I've come to love wooden handles. The Burd stick I'm testing doesn't have the optional wax coating, which gave it a true old-school-style feel to the stick. It's made from hickory, so you you can be darn sure this is a tough material tough (just ask the guy you check).

IMG_3065'Lacrosse Playground' engraved in my test model

Another thing I appreciate in Burd's sticks is the screw hole. Most wooden lacrosse sticks don't come with one, so, with Burd's at least, you don't have to cover the neck with a bunch of tape or similar band aids.

Even though this thing is hickory, it has a surprising amount of flex when you really put your momentum into a shot.


Burd's pre-screwed hole

This was fun to test and wood shafts definitely have a place for not only gear heads, traditionalists, and collectors, but the next generation of athletes as well.

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