Brendan Mundorf and Leukemia Survivor Share Special Bond

Brendan Mundorf and Leukemia Survivor Share Special Bond

Aug 26, 2012; Allston, MA, USA; Denver Outlaws attack Brendan Mundorf (2) on the sideline during the second quarter against the Chesapeake Bayhawks at Harvard Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

So I wanted to bring this story to your attention, it's one that truly deserves the publicity. Brendan Mundorf received a message via Facebook from a man named Marcus Hass about his son Mason and an event in which Brendan attended. Mason Hass, now 13, was diagnosed but successfully beat Leukemia at the age of three. Fast forward about six years later and Mason was the subject of an event Leukemia and Lymphoma's Amazing Race in Denver.

Brendan and a select few Outlaws players attended and raised money for the cause while also playing a little game against the fire fighters of Denver while the Outlaws players were blindfolded. Mason never played the sport of lacrosse before that day but with the help of Brendan and his teammates he became intrigued and picked up the sport.

Mason is now playing Box lacrosse and outdoor and is of course an attackman, as his father described, "He is copying your style and game," and "thank you for being a great role model to my son."

Brendan recently sent him an autograph and letter to congratulate him on his hard work and let him know that on March 30th he is looking forward to reuniting with him (Marcus informed me that he will be taking Mason to the Wings vs. Mammoth game). Coincidentally that will be Brendan's first game in action this season while rehabbing from ankle surgery.

We all see the news week after week surrounding athletes that are cheating the game, don't care about the fans, and/or getting arrested. This is a story where an athlete is doing the opposite, instead, he's giving back to his fans, showing appreciation to those that support him. I wanted to send this to you all because I believe this story is inspirational and a feel-good story. I have posted a snippet that Marcus sent me from the news coverage.
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