Boston College Lacrosse Player Michael Racanelli Found Dead

BOSTON -- A Boston College lacrosse player from Brightwaters, N.Y., has been found dead in his apartment in the Boston suburb of Brighton.

University spokesman Jack Dunn says 20-year-old Michael Racanelli was found dead Monday in his Foster Street home. Police say preliminary investigations have ruled out foul play. A medical examiner will determine the manner and cause of death.

Racanelli was a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences at Boston College. He was reportedly recovering from a collarbone injury he suffered last month. Dunn declined to confirm those reports because of privacy laws. Boston College is offering extended counseling services to all students through University Counseling and Campus Ministry.

The following message was written about Michael Racanelli, a Boston College lacrosse player, by his friend after learning of his passing. Racanelli was found dead Monday in his Boston suburb apartment. Our prayers and thoughts are with Michael, his family, and friends.

For everyone and anyone who knew Michael Racanelli, you do not need for me to tell you about the kind, gentle, easy going person that he was. He was the most beautiful musician, friend, lacrosse player, surfer, artist, basketball player, listener, and a host of other irreplaceable characteristics. In terms of being an outstanding and amazing, unique, individualistic, and most certainly an introvert, Michael never made any one person feel less of the person that they are. In life, we do not meet many "real people". Most of the times, people do not really care what you have to say... what you do.. what you believe... what you aspire to be! This is one individual I can say I personally connected with on a higher level than almost anyone else I have ever encountered. True to his family, Michael wanted to get a tattoo that said in Italian, "Family Is Everything!". Forever apart of our family, we are devastated forever. I love you like a blood brother, Matt will be looked over as my little brother. Bring em' home.

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Michael, rest in peace….we mourn your loss….peace and solace to your family…they ove you so much.

Joan Guido

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