Boston Blazers star, Sean Morris, Goes on a Blind Date

Boston Blazer player, Sean Morris, went on a blind date this weekend looking for love. Morris participated in a regular column for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. They just so happened to be playing cupid for a pro lacrosse player.

Morris describes his ideal girl as having "the face of Halle Berry and and the body of a soccer player". He was lucky, he got set up with a cute soccer player. She, Liz Dorrance, is a self described "outgoing, athletic, adventurous" Senior account manager from the Boston area.

Soon into the date they realized they shared a common bond with athletics and began to hit it off. After dinner the two headed to a local pub to watch the end of the Celtics game and meet up with Sean's friends.

Wondering how the night ended? Did they hook up?! You'll have to find out for yourself at the Boston Globe.
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