Boost Lacrosse Launches New Website

Boost Lacrosse Launches New Website

Boost Lacrosse Launches New Website

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – August 11, 2014 – Boost Lacrosse, a pioneer in the field of strength and conditioning programs built specifically by and for lacrosse players, today announced the launch of its website and mobile app designed to empower lacrosse players to improve their speed, power, endurance and agility year-round. Unlike a personal trainer, and at a fraction of the cost, Boost Lacrosse provides a strength and conditioning program that consists of training tips, off-season and in-season workouts and nutritional education. Boost Lacrosse’s entire lacrosse-specific program is built on a twenty year foundation of experience in the sport.

Effectively training for any competitive sport is a year-round commitment. While in-season is crucial with team practices, games, and coaches’ daily involvement, off-season is just as imperative to ensure continuous conditioning and improvement so you can stay one step ahead of your opponent. Boost Lacrosse offers 365 days of support and access to strength and training programs to empower today’s lacrosse player on and off the field.

Boost Lacrosse offers a comprehensive suite of conditioning and training services specifically designed for the sport of lacrosse to enhance the player’s performance. Access to daily workouts, training videos, nutritional advice and online seminars gives Boost Lacrosse members the competitive edge on the field by providing the tools to build increased speed, power and agility. Members of the “Boost Nation” will automatically receive the application for the Apple iPhone®, iPad® and iPad® mini tablets for access to all of the benefits of Boost Lacrosse.

“We are excited to be launching Boost Lacrosse and offering players access to elite level strength and conditioning from anywhere in the world,” said Sean Murphy, founder and CEO, Boost Lacrosse.

“Growing up playing lacrosse through the collegiate level, there was always a need for improved education on the right way to train for the sport we love. I know that Boost Lacrosse can help fill that void for the up and coming rising stars in lacrosse who are willing to work.”

About Boost Lacrosse
Boost Lacrosse offers online and mobile access to a comprehensive strength and conditioning program built specifically for the sport of lacrosse. Dedicated to improving and educating lacrosse players and their teams around the globe, Boost Lacrosse is changing how players prepare for the game. For more information, please visit Follow us on Facebook:, Twitter:, YouTube:, and Instagram:
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