Bonavitas Introduces The First Truly Thermogenic Energy Drink

PROVO, UT—May 13, 2011—Bonavitas announced today the upcoming launch of its natural energy drink, Sweet16. This new drink contains no caffeine, no tea, no artificial colors or flavors. It does, however, contain some of the most powerful plants and superfruits on the planet to improve energy and increase focus and concentration.

Sweet16’s natural energy boosters help you burn fat—especially that hard-to-lose belly fat—improve your mood and fight the free radical cells that can cause you to get sick and age faster. Sweet 16 combines fat burning foods like cayenne, bitter lemon, lime, and other energy yielding nutrients like honey and quercetin, which improve the body’s well-being:
-Bitter lemon and lime benefits include healing and detoxifying

-Benefits of honey include sweetness, increased energy and nutrition

-Cayenne extract, which comes from chili peppers, boosts mental focus and provides a quick “pick me up”

“Sweet16 is the solution for people who want an energy drink that not only gives them more pep in their step, but also helps them maintain a healthy weight and stay alert without the effects of caffeine,” said Jacques Jonassaint, CEO of Bonavitas. “Sweet 16 is a no caffeine energy drink for everyone from bodybuilders to people who are simply tired of feeling sluggish and want to have the best pre workout supplement in the market to date.”

Try Sweet16 for yourself, and let Bonavitas know your thoughts — and you’ll be able to try products, share your opinion and participate in contests and games that can earn you prizes and rewards. Find out how rewarding natural energy and recovery drinks can be. The first 10,000 Bonavitas online community members will receive extra rewards points.

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, is a wellness company dedicated to the development and distribution of nutritional products that use science and natural ingredients for enhanced recovery, energy and overall fitness. Bonavitas Bonavitas distributes energy plus recovery beverages using superfoods to combat the symptoms and root causes of tired people - for everyone from bodybuilding professionals to moms on the go, fitness experts to weekend warriors and anyone with a pulse.
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