BodyArmor: The All Natural Superdrink

BodyArmor: The All Natural Superdrink

We are pleased to introduce the all natural Superdrink, BodyArmor. BodyArmor helps build strength from within by supporting your immune system while maintaining effective hydration so your body can always be ready for what ever life decides to throw at you. Each exotic fruit & tea flavor is loaded with Polyphenols, Vitamins A, B complex, C & E, Electrolytes and Amino acids, available in 6 exotic fruit flavors. BodyArmor shipped a big supply to us last week and we absolutely love it!

BodyArmor contains 10% of Coconut water in every flavor. Coconut water and other electrolytes provide hydrating properties to all 6 flavors without the use of artificial colors, flavoring or preservatives. Just what you need to protect your body from the ills of modern living.

Raspberry Blueberry Goji
Cherry Citrus
Tropical Mandarin
Strawberry Banana Guava
Orange Mango Black & Green Tea
Pomegranate Acai Green Tea

Stay tuned for information on free giveaways and contests to win your a year's supply of BodyArmor. For more information on the sports drink visit their Fan Page and website.

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