Barrier Lacrosse 10 Diamond Series Equipment Review

Barrier Lacrosse 10 Diamond Series Equipment Review

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Another series from Barrier Lacrosse one of the new mesh makers on the scene. Their 10 Diamond Mesh is pretty solid as well and comes in some great variants; Soft, Semi-Hard, and WAX. Their mesh proving to always be impressive and the versatility from a newer company even more so. The 10 Diamond that we will be reviewing today includes the Barrier 10D Semi-Hard and 10D WAX. Don’t forget the YOUTH20 discount code on their website for 20% off everything on the site other than prestrung sticks.

Break In Time 10D Semi-Hard 9 out of 10/ WAX 9 out of 10

The mesh in both formats took a short time to break in. Around half an hour and it was game ready. Each mesh performed well out of the box but needed some break-in to have the full hold potential. The 10D series does not quite have the hold of a 6D but that is to be expected from any kind of mesh. Overall once broken in the mesh did have a nice feel 9 out of 10 for both.

Hold and Release 10D Semi-Hard 8.5 out of 10/ WAX 9 out of 10

The hold on the 10D Semi-Hard is where it is docked mostly. Being a Semi-Hard instead of a Semi-Soft this is to be expected as hard mesh allows a little more play on the ball. By no means is it lacking in this category but fans of a Semi-Soft or 6D mesh will find it a little loose in the play style. The release on the Semi-Hard was great but with the slightly lower hold getting a bit more whip on the ball was harder. For fans of little whip and high pockets this is a 10 out of 10 but for those of us who like whip to generate some power behind the shot will likely see it as a 8.5 out of 10 still very respectable.

The WAX is an interesting mesh in the way of hold. As a 10D you expect a little less hold and more play on the ball but in the case of the WAX it is the opposite. The ball feels like it is almost never moving which is great for hold the bees wax used on this mesh really does feel like it clings to the ball and makes it easier to keep it in the stick. The release for the WAX is where this mesh is docked though. That hold on the ball persists when passing for fans of stickier mesh this isn’t a big problem but for many players they will feel like they are throwing low when passing. The reason this isn’t a major deduction though is due to the feel when shooting. It is crisp, the whip is easily adjusted, and you don’t feel like you have lost any speed when shooting. The WAX earns an interesting 9 out of 10.

Durability 10D Semi-Hard 10 out of 10/ WAX 8.5 out of 10

The Semi-Hard holds out strong for durability. Hard passes, being soaked in a pool, hunting for balls through palmetto bushes (very sharp, tons in Florida, happens sometimes when you shoot). The mesh never broke down didn’t feel like it was bagging out at all while breaking in and held a great pocket. I could easily see a year with a single piece of this mesh. Lasting a long time shouldn’t be a problem here 10 out of 10.

The WAX was not quite so strong here. A season should be no problem as long as you keep it out of high heat. Same as the 6D WAX when left in the heat of my car the wax did run a bit. The mesh still felt fine after the run but it is possible this could change over time. Simple solution don’t leave your stick in your car if you can avoid it. The mesh did tear up a little due to palmettos unlike the Semi-Hard, sorry we missed a few shots, and for those not in Florida your driveway or poor field conditions could have a similar affect and we all know this happens. Definitely a season of play here, but not as long as the Semi-Hard 8.5 out of 10.

Water Play 10D Semi-Hard 9 out of 10/ WAX 10 out of 10

The Semi-Hard worked well when wet. It did bag a bit and didn’t seem to receive the same benefit of added hold that the 6D counterpart did. The Semi-Hard barely bagged but it did just a bit making the adjustment pretty easy when soaking wet but there was an adjustment to be made. Rain games shouldn’t be an issue here tighten the bottom string 9 out of 10.

Rain may have met it’s match in the 10D Wax. Barrier has the formula down with the bees WAX series of 10D holding its play completely consistent. There is no bag to this mesh when soaked and the release never changed once wet. Rip a shot wherever you want because it will go to the intended target with good technique 10 out of 10.

Customer Service 10 out of 10

I’m starting to think Lacrosse may have some of the best customer service out there. I email Barrier about the review and the opportunity to try this with the kids at Blue Skies, I got an immediate response and a super quick shipment of the package. The guys over at Barrier made sure everything came out perfect and were super helpful. THEY HAVE PROVIDED A DISCOUNT CODE FOR ALL PLAYERS YOUTH20 ON THEIR WEBSITE 20% OFF EVERYTHING FOR ANYONE (Excludes Prestrung heads). That’s a massive discount with no strings attached. Definitely hit them up support a good company you wont be disappointed.

Overall 10D Semi-Hard 9.1/ WAX 9.4

Barrier holds on strong through the 10 Diamond review. Both meshes thoroughly impressed all three of us and convinced us of Barrier’s commitment to quality. The Semi-Hard for a player looking for a high end quality hard mesh with some solid color variants will love Barrier’s product and keep coming back for more. The WAX will definitely have fans in the traditional wax mesh user fan base. It is more sticky but doesn’t leave a residue on your fingers when stringing and has a good consistent play for sure. Players who like the added hold of a stickier mesh will need to look no further than Barrier to keep coming back for more. Great job guys your mesh holds out strong and for our readers stop by their site and pick up a piece or two you won’t be disappointed.
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