LPG had the pleasure to chat with Paul Cain, the President and Founder of BAMshaft. BAMshaft is the revolutionary new bamboo lacrosse shaft. Patented BAMshaft technology creates a whole new feel, unlike any other lacrosse shaft produced today.

When did you start BAMshaft?
July 2009 we started BAMShaft.

How did BAMshaft truly come in to fruition?
I work for a company in china that makes bamboo handles for garden tools, shovels, hammers, etc. They are stronger than oak handles and they are eco-friendly. A bamboo plant matures in 3.5 years. Trees mature in 30 years. So, you have environmentally friendly bamboo. My daughters play lacrosse and I had samples made, researched the market and found that there is a place for a high quality, “wood” feel, lacrosse shaft. I had the samples re-engineered and came up with great quality products. We offer men’s and women’s shafts.

Where is it manufactured?
China, with a patented process that makes the bamboo strong.

Is there anyone else involved with the company?
Yes, we have a graphics department and a market research department.

Did you feel there was a need for this product?
Yes. For these reasons: Quality “wood” feel. Lightweight and strong shaft. A solid shaft. Flexible shaft for a faster shot. Solid feel hurts when checked. A price point that needed to be filled.

What makes BAMshaft unique to the consumer?
All the qualities above, and most importantly, the price point of $69.00 retail. This is a great value. We priced it below the high end and above the low end. Even though, this is a high end shat.

Does it come in different colors?
Natural, oak and black. Other colors will be added in the future.

How does the shaft hold up against other companies?
It is stronger than the opening price point aluminum shafts. It holds up to 275# of pressure. It is very strong. It is flexible, which the competitor’s shafts are not. It is not as strong as the titanium shafts as these hold up to 350#. We feel that the 275# is surely strong enough.

BAMshaft Test: Aluminum vs. BAMshaft from Ben Strang on Vimeo.

What is store for the future of BAMshaft?
Different colors. We are working on a d pole. We will expand the BAMShaft line as we see opportunities. BAMshaft will not be shipping product until February 15th so until then check out our site, BAMshaft.
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Neat, innovative


As soon as this idea is put into the form of a d-length shaft i will buy one straight away, sounds amazing!

Nye Gordon

I agree. as soon as they come out with a d pole ill buy one


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