2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 4­­

2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 4­­

2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 4­­

Results for Wednesday 7/2

The fourth day of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout saw the end of the Boys High School division and the semifinals for the Girls High School division. The Baltimore Crabs took the championship in the Boys’ division, yet again. The Crabs defeated Laxachusetts for the second year in a row, with both teams playing all out until the very end. Team HLA and Team 180 ‘15 won their respective semi-final games and will play tomorrow in the Championship at the Edwards field.

The Men’s and Women’s Elite divisions begin tomorrow with games being played at Edwards, Vail Athletic Field, and Vail Mountain School. Many of the usual suspects will be returning to compete with a few new international additions.

U-19 High School Boys

Division I


Baltimore Crabs 12, Laxachusetts 9

Laxachusetts and the Baltimore Crabs duked it out yet again for the U-19 High School Boys Championship. Both teams fought hard down to the last second, but it was the Crabs who prevailed in the end. Neither team was ever able to gain the lead for more than a couple minutes in the first half; and almost every goal was quickly answered with another by the opposing team. The Laxachusetts defense wasn’t afraid to play offense, with a couple of long pole defensemen running down to score goals. The Crabs had a slight lead at the half, and Laxachusetts stayed close behind. The Crabs gained a wider lead at the end of the game and held it until the end.

3rd Place

FCA 10, Midwest 9 OT

Midwest mounted a furious fourth quarter comeback to break even with FCA, but came up just slightly short in the end. Cameron Ziegler led the FCA attack with two assists and three goals, including the game winner in overtime.

5th Place

Colorado 7, ADRLN Jr. Tropics 6

7th Place

ADVNC 21, Altitude Stickness 8

Division II


3d NE Select 8, Brady’s Bunch 6

The Division II Championship was a hard-fought battle with both goalies stepping up against a barrage of shots. The Brady’s Bunch goalie, Jake Hogan, made an impressive number of saves, but it wasn’t enough to stop a 3d NE Select win.
11th Place

Wasatch 9, Minnesota Chill 5

13th Place

Nebraska Prime 9, Local Favorites 8

Final Standings

1st: Baltimore Crabs

2nd: Laxachusetts

3rd: FCA

4th: Midwest Select

5th: Team Colorado

6th: ADRLN Jr. Tropics


8th: Altitude Stickness

9th: 3d NE Select

10th: Brady’s Bunch

11th: Wasatch

12th: Minnesota Chill

13th:Nebraska Prime

All-Tournament Team


Tyler Bogert- Laxachusetts

Chase Wittich- Baltimore Crabs

Cameron Ziegler- FCA


Jesse Uhlman- Baltimore Crabs

Joel Tinney- Midwest

Sean Cerrone- FCA

Nick Phillips- Team Colorado


Joseph Kearney- Laxachusetts

Erik Evans- Baltimore Crabs

Matt Neufeldt- Midwest


Hunter Moreland- Baltimore Crabs


Zach Yoshioka- Team Colorado


Nick Marrocco- Laxachusetts

US Lacrosse- Keeper of Lacrosse

Nebraska Prime Coaches:

Rob Mazanec

Dave Stading

Matt Smidlein


U-19 Girls Division

Gold Bracket
Quarter Finals
Team HLA 16, Frost 1
Team 180 ‘17 14, Lax NW Rippers 7

Both teams came out aggressively with Team 180 ’17 drawing first blood. Lax NW Rippers quickly answered with a goal of their evening the score at 1. As both teams battled the next score would come from Lax NW Rippers’ # 87 Allison Wurscher at 8:16 left in the first half. Team 180 ’17 #8 Emily Herrmann scored two of her own goals to reclaim the lead and put her team up by 1. The first half ended in team 180 ‘17’s favor with Lax NW Rippers close with a score of 5-3. At the start of the second half Emily Herrmann of Team 180 ’17 crafted a goal to stretch the lead with #32 Sara Stewart following her tune making the score 7-3. Lax NW Rippers refused to be denied as #35 Catherine Lawliss scored 2 goals keeping her team in the game. Emily Herrmann of Team 180 ’17 saw her opportunity and took it scoring twice with #32 & # 31 scoring at the end of the second half to seal the victory at 14-7.
Midwestern Lax 8, Stars 2018 Blue 7

The first half of the Stars 2018 Blue and Midwestern Lax showcased their undeniable talent and fortitude. Midwestern Lax controlled the ball scoring 5 goals with 2 coming from Katie Barton. Stars 2018 Blue scored 3 of their own goals in a hard fought first half. With the excellent play from Stars 2018 Blue Attacker Liza Christopher, she propelled her team to a 6-5 lead by scoring her team’s first 2 goals of the second half increasing her total goals to 4. Allie Specht scored the final 2 goals to tie and eventually take the lead guiding Lax NW Rippers to an epic 8-7 win.
Team 180 ‘15 14, 3d Select Blue 3
Team HLA 15, Team 180 ‘17 1
Team 180 ‘15 14, Midwestern Lax 5
5th Place Bracket
Lax NW Rippers 16, Frost 9
Stars 2018 Blue 10, 3d Select Blue 4

Silver Bracket
Quarter Finals
Team Colorado 1, 3d Select Orange 0 FF
Houston Heat 8, Cat-A-Lax 6

In a fight to the end both teams showed tremendous wits as they capitalized on mistakes. Scoring was scattered for both teams as they shared the contribution. Five different players scored goals on both teams throughout the course of the game. Randi Capaleti of Houston Heat scored 2 of her team’s 5 first half goals while assisting on another. Cat-A-Lax scored thrice, once at the beginning and twice at end of the first half by Vanessa Nelson, Nicole Twardowski and Adrienne Chiapuzzio to keep their team in the game. At the start of the second half Houston Heat’s Wendy Holloway flung in a goal to widen the lead but of Cat-A-Lax, Savanah Tompkins, refused to give up scoring a goal for her team. As the game went on Houston Heat put in 2 more goals as Cat-A-Lax matched it ending the game in Houston’s favor 8-6. The game was won on defense as Houston Heat’s goalie Alex Samper tallied a total of 9 saves.
3d Select Red 12, Bees & Honey 6
Denver Summit 10, MLA Northstars 5
Team Colorado 13, Houston Heat 4
3d Select Red 9, Denver Summit 8
5th Place Bracket
Cat-A-Lax 1, 3d Select Orange 0 FF
Bees & Honey 8, MLA Northstars 7

Schedule for Thursday 7/3

U-19 Girls High School

Gold Bracket


10:30am - Edwards Turf - Team HLA vs Team 180 ‘15

3rd Place

9:15am – Edwards 3 - Team 180 ’17 vs Midwestern Lax


5th Place

9:15am – Edwards 2 - Lax NW Rippers vs 3d Select Blue


7th Place

9:15am - Edwards Turf - Frost vs Stars 2018 Blue


Silver Bracket


10:30am – Edwards 2 -Team Colorado vs 3d Select Red


11th Place

8:00am – Edwards 3 - Houston Heat vs Denver Summit

13th Place

8:00am – Edwards 2 - Cat-A-Lax vs Bees & Honey

15th Place

8:00am - Edwards Turf - 3d Select Orange vs MLA Northstars


Men’s Elite

Athletic Field
9am - Warrior X vs Prestige Lacrosse Club
11am - Motive Pure vs Steve French
1pm - The Cage Goes All Out vs 9am Winner
3pm - On The Hop Nation/Lacrossewear vs 11am Winner

Vail Mountain School
10am - Brine Elite vs Team Gutman
12pm - Big Green Herd vs Rock-it Pocket Pirates
2pm - Adrenaline Tropics vs New Zealand

Edwards Turf
12pm - The Sharks vs The LOFers
2pm - Rocky Mountain Oysters vs Jammin' Salmon
4pm - Israel National Team vs Millenium Chiefs


Women’s Elite

Edwards 2 (Grass Field beside Turf)
12:30 - Team CRSLax.com vs Team Wild
1:40 - ‘Merica vs CU Club
2:50 - Lax Rats vs Lakeshore
4:00 - Team STX vs CU Club


2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Schedule

Under 19 High School Boys: June 29th to July 2nd

Under 19 High School Girls: June 30th to July 3rd

Women’s Elite: July 3rd to July 6th

Men’s Elite: July 3rd to July 6th

Photo Captions:


Team 180 ’15 defeated 3d Select Blue 14-3 at Freedom Field, in Edwards, CO.


The Baltimore Crabs won the U19 High School Boys championship over Laxachusetts 12-9.


The Baltimore Crabs won their second straight Championship at the Vail Lacrosse Shootout.


2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout U-19 High School Boys All-Stars.
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