Bahamas Lacrosse Donations

Bahamas Lacrosse Donations

This past Fall I spent a semester abroad at The Island School on Eleuthera, located in the Bahamas, for my Junior Year of High school. During my 4 month stay on Eleuthera I worked hand in hand with Deep Creek Middle School (a local middle school), volunteering and becoming a role model for younger students. While I was there I realized most of these kids were missing a very important aspect of childhood --- sports. One of the main reasons for this is because they lack the proper equipment. It saddened me to see all these kids with so much spirit but being held back because of their financial situations.

When I got home this winter I knew I wanted to give back to the community that gave so much to me. While communicating with a teacher from DCMS in the Bahamas, we discussed the children’s interest in lacrosse and how they haven’t had the opportunity to learn to play it because they do not have any equipment available to them. When hearing this I knew that I wanted to hold a lacrosse clinic for the kids.

I have set up a clinic that will be held from July 16th- 20th for boys and girls that are interested in the game of lacrosse. The estimated number of participants is 15-20.

My goal with this clinic is to create an engaging learning environment, where kids are able to learn a new activity that will bring further excitement to their lives. I envision a week filled with fun, laughter, and new friendships that will ultimately generate a new activity for the Bahamian kids to participate in during their free time. Over the years I have developed a special love for the game of lacrosse and I hope to share that with them throughout this week.

I am looking for any men’s lacrosse Stick donations for the students to use at the clinic. I will be leaving the sticks down there with DCMS so the kids can continue to play lacrosse once the clinic is over.

You can contact me at

Thank you for your consideration,
-Eliott Wellenbach
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