Authentic Lacrosse Website Launch

Authentic Lacrosse Website Launch

Authentic Lacrosse is a father and son run retail store that truly believes in playing lacrosse with its roots in mind. The duo created their store so share their love the game with other people who are just as passionate. After combining their 40 years of lacrosse experience to create a storefront, they've just launched their website.

Authentic Lacrosse is best known for its fully customizable stringing kits. A player’s choice and “style” has always been the clear focus of what Authentic offers. With 14 different types of mesh and the ability to mix and match over 20 colors, a player can create an incredibly playable pocket of high quality components to match his personality.

Additionally, Authentic offers a fully customized Traditional Stringing kit. The most recent product additions have been well priced balls, goals and a highly competitive wholesale/dealer discount program. Learn more about Authentic by visiting their Facebook and Twitter pages.
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