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Hey all! We are all well aware that the wonderful lads over at ArchLevel Lacrosse have been growing the game in the United Kingdom for a while now, but now, they're coming to America with a ridiculous contest to kick it all off. Their "Gimme the Good Stuff Contest" is set up by the ArchLevel Factory, the bespoke end of the ArchLevel operation. As of February 5th, the team has opened their doors to online US sales, and as of today at 9 am CST, the contest begins! Here are the background and rules in their own words:

To celebrate this expansion they have launched a contest that is offering 20 sets of 100% custom sublimated uniforms to the winning team or program…for FREE!

The “Gimme the Good Stuff” contest, which has officially started taking team entries as of Feb 4th and is open to both men and women teams around the world, will last for 3 weeks from February 11th to March 1st; Monday through Friday. Each week will hold a different theme and will have teams competing in different online challenges to earn points along the way. Each weekend the contest will “pause” and there will be contest updates, leader boards, and upcoming information sent out and posted for constant and up to date standings. The weekly themes will revolve around ArchLevel online platforms and will break down as follows:

Week 1: Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
Week 2: The ArchLevel Report (
Week 3: The ArchLevel Factory main site (

Along with the chance to win 20 FREE uniforms by winning the competition, The ArchLevel Factory is offering 10% off any uniform order just for entering and participating in the contest!


Director of Operations Ben Parkes says "“We had two very specific goals in mind when we were coming up with our launch scheme for the US. 1. To capture the communities’ attention in a big way throughout the country, and 2, to not only provide an unmatched price structure and ordering process, but to literally give back to the players that make this game what it is.”

Sounds like an amazing opportunity for any team that's in need of a new kit, and with spring season creeping up faster than the snow is melting, I imagine that will be quite a few teams.

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