AILA Announces Integrated Training Parternships   with Elite Travel Lacrosse Programs

AILA Announces Integrated Training Parternships with Elite Travel Lacrosse Programs

Philadelphia, PA – December 1, 2013 -- Elite lacrosse programs across the country are shifting their training programs to include indoor lacrosse (box style) as part of their coaching and player development. The American Indoor Lacrosse Association is proud to announce their first group of AILA Integrated Programs.

AILA President, Johnny Mouradian and his certified integrated coaching staff will be sharing their knowledge and Programs and Services with owners of the Shamrock Lacrosse Club (NJ)Leading Edge Lacrosse (NJ), Black Bear Lacrosse (PA), Baggataway Lacrosse Club (PA), Heads Up Lacrosse (NJ, New England Storm Lacrosse (CT), Tampa Bay Fire (FL) and Rochester Fire (NY) programs.

"We welcome the owners, their coaches, players and the families of these high level field organizations,” explained Johnny Mouradian.  “We are very excited to share the experiences of our AILA Integrated Program as a component of their field development.  Integrated Programs differentiate their organizations in a very competitive field marketplace. Our Integrated Program partners will also work with our organization to grow and develop joint venture AILA Programs and Services in their geographical region.”

American Indoor Lacrosse Association’s Integrated Programs provide In|Crosse education and training, AILA’s proprietary system that leverages the integration and convergence of the indoor version of lacrosse with the field game.  Integrated programs contribute to the building blocks of lacrosse literacy developing well rounded field players by taking advantage of the many features of indoor lacrosse and transferring the benefits to their field game.

About American Indoor Lacrosse:

American Indoor Lacrosse Association has developed a number of cutting edge Programs and Services that teach the bio-mechanics, principles, strategies and tactics of indoor lacrosse taking advantage of the several features - small goals (4’x 4’9), 30 second shot clock, five/five lacrosse, players learn to play offense and defense, to name a few.  The In|Crosse Platform is the integration and convergence of the knowledge and skills to the field game.
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