Adrenaline Announces Additions to Starz Affiliate Program

Adrenaline Announces Additions to Starz Affiliate Program

Utah Blackhawks

With recruiting season nearing the end, western lacrosse has received a lot of attention as a result of a growing list of college commitments that have inevitably spotlighted western club powerhouses. Still, we neglect to acknowledge on a national scale the local teams that precede these regional programs and ultimately inspire the growth and development of lacrosse in such non-traditional areas. To accommodate the overwhelming growth of lacrosse out West, Adrenaline’s most recent layer of the Adrenaline Starz System and “feeder programs” for the more competitive Regional Starz & West Coast Starz programs, Local Starz, has seen tremendous growth in the recent months. Below are the newest Adrenaline Starz affiliate programs:

Cobras (Los Angeles, CA): Led by Brett Teitjen, the assistant coach of Loyola High School, this program was created to provide players with an opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of the game. Cobras includes High School teams.

SB Elite (Santa Barbara, CA): Led by Rick Lehman, co-founder and president of Santa Barbara Lacrosse Association (SBLA) and Mike Allan (UCSB’s Men’s Head Coach), this program fosters strong work ethic, positive attitude, and improved lacrosse skills while providing higher level coaching and competition to its players. SB Elite includes U11- U15 teams.

Westlake Lacrosse Club (Conejo Valley, CA): Founded in 2004, WLC is a non-profit community-based lacrosse program that currently boasts 150+ boys and girls in grades 3rd-8th, making it one of the oldest and largest clubs in the Conejo Valley.  Westlake Lacrosse provides year round opportunities to all players in the area. Westlake includes U9- U15 boys teams and 3rd -8th grade girls teams.

California Ducks (Mission Viejo, CA): Led by Hudson Parker, the Mission Viejo High School Head Coach, as well as JR Grubert, Adrenaline Store Manager and founder of the Ducks, this program is mission driven and dedicated to bringing a higher level of lacrosse to the Mission Viejo region. California Ducks includes U9- U15 teams.

Boise United (Boise, ID): Boise United Lacrosse is the first Starz affiliated team in Idaho.  Led by Britt Cornaby & Andrew Horrocks, this program is committed to helping student-athletes develop strong character by instilling core values of gratitude, integrity, & sportsmanship through lacrosse. Boise United includes U11- High School boys teams and U15- High School girls teams.

Boise River (Boise, ID): Founded in 2007, Boise River is the second local Idaho team from the Boise River Lacrosse Club to join the Adrenaline Starz family.  The club believes every lacrosse player should elevate their game by playing, traveling, and competing against other high caliber teams. Boise River includes U11- High School boys and girls teams.

OC Rebels (Orange County, CA): Founded in 2012, OC Rebels is led by brothers, Greg and Adam Guy.  This program prides itself on values such as accountability, humility, teamwork, honor, family values, winning with class, and accepting defeat with honor.  OC Rebels includes U9- High School boys teams.

LA Mavericks (Los Angeles, CA): Founded in 2010, LA Mavericks is a Regional Select program (designed to bridge the gap between the truly local programs and the next level regional teams) led by LXMPRO Maverik United captain and Augora High School head coach, Sean Lindsay. This program focuses on teaching the fundamentals to make any child a better lacrosse player on the field and in the community through quality coaching and mentoring. LA Maveriks include U11- High School boys teams.

Factory Lacrosse (Los Angeles, CA): Factory is led by Univ. of Maryland alum, previous MLL, and current LXM PRO player Jimmy Borell and UVA alum, previous MLL, and current LXM PRO player Brett Hughes. This program prides itself on six attributes for becoming the best team player on and off the field: Respect, Effort, Love, Integrity, Energy, and Fun (R.E.L.I.E.F). Factory Lacrosse includes U11- High School teams.


Additional teams who became Adrenaline Starz Affiliates in 2013 include: Utah Blackhawks (Salt Lake City, UT)- Regional Starz, Saddleback Starz (Orange County, CA), SALA Starz (Tucson, AZ)- Regional Starz, AZ Force (Phoenix, AZ)- Regional Starz, Mustangs (Alberta, CAN)- Regional Starz, SB Grind (Los Angeles, CA), Goon Lacrosse (Los Angeles, CA), and SBLC (South Bay, CA).


Since its inception in 2004, the Adrenaline Starz family has grown to 40 club programs with over 120 teams that span 7 different states. Find a full list of Adrenaline Starz club programs here  (


The Adrenaline corporate office is set up to offer various levels of service to accommodate the unique nature of any independent club program with our Adrenaline Advantage benefits system ( Newly signed programs are welcomed with immediate basic level services that utilize the full-service Operational, Branding, Design, Programming, and Marketing mechanism that only Adrenaline has established.  Each individual Starz benefit derives from one of three overarching Adrenaline Starz Mantras- operations, access, and exposure. The commitment to the execution on all of these aspects will guarantee the success of any affiliated team. Most importantly, Starz affiliate players will gain access to the #1 club program in the county, West Coast Starz, that boasts a 95% and 99% commitment rate at the WCS Sectional and WCS National levels, respectively. Starz players also receive premium access to Adrenaline Recruiting events, include the highly touted Adrenaline Black Card ( Starz Directors and Coaches also work directly with our Adrenaline Design Team to ensure their program receives the complete Adrenaline Treatment ( A list of the full Adrenaline Starz benefits can be found here (


Club programs wishing to be a part of the Starz network must fill out an application to be reviewed by the Starz Regional Directors Advisory Board. To be approved, programs must exemplify strong moral fiber, be mission based, dedicated to top coaching, and garner the support of the local community or region. Email us at for more information.

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title should be “adrenaline announces new cash grabs”


title should be “adrenaline announces new cash grabs”


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