A letter to Quint Kessenich: Stop the Hypocrisy

A letter to Quint Kessenich: Stop the Hypocrisy

The other day, over at Inside Lacrosse, Quint Kessenich wrote a letter to Major League Lacrosse where he criticized unsportsmanlike behavior in the league and implored the MLL to clean up the game.

Normally, when we hear Quint’s voice it is like listening to the teacher on Charlie Brown – we just hear “wah wah, wah wah wah wah.” But this time we heard something else – hypocrisy.

MLL refs may let a lot go, but so do its broadcasters. Where is Quint’s criticism during the game? Let’s clean up the hypocrisy in the booth. Proof? Let’s just take the first quarter of the Bayhawks-Machine game that aired on May 5.

At the 2:34 mark in the first quarter of that game, Chazz Woodson scores diving goal, at which point he is put into a headlock on the ground by Chesapeake’s Brian Spallina. Quint’s reaction?

“…Watch Spallina. Land on him. Headlock. There’s a takedown. But no back points. Spallina’s up two-nothing except he’s gotta spend some time in the penalty box….”

“…He’s gotta get his hips, he’s gotta pull the arm more get the hips into it and turn him.”

So, instead of criticizing the behavior he bemoans in this column, he jokingly gives Spallina some advice on how to get a pin.

Don’t get us wrong, we are happy to see that Quint stopped his incessant criticism of the college game to complain about something else for five minutes, but it’s tough to take the criticism seriously when you joke about unsportsmanlike behavior yourself.

Want to watch the clip? Head over to ESPN3. The clip starts at the 27:50 mark.
Link: http://espn.go.com/watchespn/player/_/source/espn3/id/457110/
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ESPN should get the guys from The Lacrosse Network. Those guys are great!


even though the gear they post is on average a year old

No author

You guys are pathetic.


Quint was an excellent HS wrestler.

Dan Gable

Quint was an excellent HS wrestler.

Dan Gable

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