3d Lacrosse Announces Three New Workshops: Innovative Workshops Incorporate 3d’s Box/Field Hybrid™ Development System

DENVER, CO (January 15, 2013)—3d Lacrosse, one of the nation's premier lacrosse organizations, announces its innovative 3d Workshops, available in three categories—Field Lacrosse Workshop, Box Lacrosse Workshop and Box/Field Combination Workshop.

“3d Workshops are designed to give you and your program unparalleled access to one of our 3d Lacrosse Master Coaches,” remarked 3d Lacrosse Founder Jamie Munro. “Traveling to your team, we develop the coaching staff and, at the same time, train players.”

By incorporating the 3d Lacrosse Box/Field Hybrid ™ training methodology, 3d Workshops help solidify skill development. While providing lacrosse teams a unique opportunity to invest in their program, 3d Workshops aim to increase tactical knowledge of the game through private coaches’ clinics.

Mark Lynch, head coach of Loveland High School (Ohio) Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse, recently used 3d Workshops for his coaching staff and players. When asked about his experience, Lynch commented, “Our weekend of clinics was outstanding. 3d’s philosophy is spot on, and we are excited to implement the new drills, terminology and concepts into our training. Personally, the clinics gave me a new perspective and energy to improve my coaching abilities.”

“3d Workshops are coaches’ clinics and players’ clinics all in one,” finished Munro. “We have created long-lasting relationships with teams, and now, they always have a resource to turn to in their ongoing quest to improve their game.”

For more information on 3d Workshops, contact Logan Bobzein at lbobzein@3dlacrosse.com or by calling 720.732.9901.
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