24 Hour Lacrosse Game, Shootout for Soldiers Uniforms

24 Hour Lacrosse Game, Shootout for Soldiers Uniforms

A group of local, high school students has organized what stands to be a world-record breaking event called Shootout for Soldiers. The Shootout is a 24-hour lacrosse game with all proceeds going to support the Wounded Warrior Project in its effort to aid wounded US soldiers. The event, which will be held at The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland on June 14-15th, will seek to use the common platform of lacrosse to unite local area lacrosse players ages 10+ in the common benefit of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Shootout for Soldiers was given the pleasure of working with one of the best custom uniform providers, Lacrosse Unlimited. Lacrosse Unlimited made Red, White, and Blue reversible pinnies with Stars on one side, whereas the contrasting side features Stripes. "Support Our Troops" is emblazoned across the bottom of the jersey. Learn more about the event by visiting the website. Become a fan of Shootout for Soldiers by visiting the Facebook page.

24 hours, 1 game, 1 goal. Support our Troops.
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Please tell me I can buy one of these, Like seriously y’all could make so much money for the soldiers!!!! It would be a good fundraiser, please tell me how to buy one!


Where do u sign up


Can we buy them?


[…] Lacrosse Unlimited made Red, White, and Blue shorts to match the cool reversible pinnies. Click here to check out the event’s pinnies.This weekend Shootout for Soldiers topped $20,000 fundraised […]

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